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Round 10 2023-2024 SORCS Series
April 21st 2024
The River Rampage@Eaves Bluff
Decatur, TN

**** Race Update 04/19/2024****
Hello Racers!

Things are looking great at our Tn River Rampage property.
We got a little rain to help settle the dust. The property owner has put down some gravel in the driveway to accommodate any more showers. The driveway does narrow down to one lane for a hundred feet or so, therefore the minis and peewee racers that leave early will be something we have to deal with. If you can stay until 11:00 this won't be a problem, but if you have to leave before 11 we will stop traffic for you to get out. This property is just beautiful and we are so lucky to be racing here.
We ask that everyone Please abide by the rules. No pit riding before or after your race, quiet time on Saturday afternoon and evening and no roaming around on parts of the property we aren't racing on.
You are welcome to walk or ride a bicycle on the trail. This property has over a mile of Tn River frontage that you are welcome to check out, but No quads or side X sides.
The bike trail is 9.5 miles long, the minis is 5 miles long and the peewees are about 3/4 mile long.
The girls will be here with concessions so come hungry. BUMP will be here for all your track side needs.
We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

**** Race Update 04/17/2024 *****
Hello Racers!

Things are looking really good at our new Tennessee River Rampage location.
This course will be all brand new, never been a race or trails at this location. This property has everything! Hills, single track, open areas, twisty fire roads, gravel driveway, very gently sloping parking, it's adjacent to the Tennessee River and a property owner who has gone out of his way to make sure this is a great event.
We are shooting for 10 miles on the big bike course. We will give more details on everything later in the week.
This is going to be very good and we are looking forward to it.

Address: 1895 N. Hunter Bend Road Decatur, Tn.

Physical address is :
1895 North Hunter Bend Rd.
Decatur, TN

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ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING ALLOWED AT SORCS EVENTS Violators will not be allowed to race and will be asked to leave the property. Keep race bikes parked until 10 minutes before scheduled start and then ride them at idle speed in first gear to the starting line. After the race, please ride your bike back to your pit area at idle speed in first gear. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the days event. We must enforce the No Pit Riding rule in order to keep going to the nice venues we have. We have already lost one venue and may lose another because of senseless pit riding. Golf carts, mules etc.. will be allowed at speeds of 5 MPH or less with a Responsible Adult Driver.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

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